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Baby canvas painting

27 Jan

I did this activity a while back with my son but wanted to post about it as it was so easy and resulted in an amazing artwork.
I started with a plain canvas and some letter stickers. I worked out what I wanted to be written on the canvas and stuck on the appropriate stickers. I actually stuck them all on by starting at the end as I wanted the words to be positioned in the bottom right.

I then let my baby loose with the paint. I put his hands in some paint and he just rubbed them all over the canvas himself. I did have beside me all that I thought I would need, bowl of water, cloths, towel, wet wipes etc. He’s a boy that attempts to eat everything so I was expecting the worst but surprisingly he didn’t put his hands to his mouth once. The only reason he has paint round his eye on the picture is because he wasn’t great at sitting unaided at the time, and when I took my hands off him to take a photo he fell head first into the paint tray!