Toys and un-toys

22 Feb

My children, like most others, have lots of toys. Some of these have been quite expensive and a few are rarely played with. Despite having all this (mainly plastic) junk, my 10 months favourite things to play with are the TV remote, my keys and a sock.

I think most parents could probably say the same thing.

So a few months ago I created a treasure basket for him. It contains random items found around the house such as a large pebble, deflated helium balloon, ribbon, dryer balls, scrubbing brush and his favorite thing – a wooden spoon.

I have seen more creative people put together themed baskets like all wooden items or bathroom items but I was struggling to fill it as it was. I do swap things over every now and then to keep him interested.

These photos show him sat in the middle of his 2 baskets. One has normal baby toys and the other is his treasure basket full of un-toys. You can see which he prefers!


2 Responses to “Toys and un-toys”

  1. awakeshawn March 21, 2012 at 5:28 pm #

    My kids still love un-toys … I remember creating a similar box to what you have created. There so much more to imagine with things that require outside the box thinking. Cute site!!

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