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Easter hat

31 Mar

We went to our Church Easter party today where they were holding a competition for the best Easter hat. I had actually forgotten about this until yesterday so didn’t have much time to prepare.

Yesterday while The Limpet was napping reading books and making a mess in her room, I cut out the basic hat frame, some bits of ‘grass’ and some simple flower shapes to create daffodils. I also cut some tulip shapes out of the baking tray prints that we recently made.

I put all the pieces out ready for her on the garden table as it was such a glorious day. She started by making the daffodils which of course involved lots of yellow tissue paper and cut up egg boxes for the trumpets. When they were done she had fun putting the whole thing together with huge amounts of glue.

She was very proud of her creation and wore it ALL afternoon only taking it off at bath time. This is her posing photo face.

And the best thing of all – she won the hat competition!

I think this is the first time she’s ever entered any competitive type of event and I was so proud. I was a proud mum just to see her stood up at the front with all the other children, but especially proud that she won.


Fun reward chart

21 Mar

I saw this brilliant idea for a reward chart on the inspiring Red Ted Art website. She used rabbits in houses but I decided to go with a train. The idea is that the train engine and carriages need to be filled with stars and they are awarded for doing something good. When all the train is full a small treat is given.

I liked the simplicity of this idea and think that just 5 stars is all a young child needs to work towards. If they are expected to work towards something for a month or even a week then they will quickly loose interest.

I decided to make mine from felt but I have to admit I got a little bored towards the end so the stars where quickly constructed from scraps of paper. I had originally had grand ideas about making animals to sit in the train but I think the stars are ok. My daughter helped to sponge paint the background which I think helped to give her some ownership over this. The stars are hiden behind the large cloud and can then be placed one at a time in the pockets of the train.

Letter recognition

19 Mar

The Limpet has suddenly become interested in letter and spots certain letters everywhere. She is only 2 1/2 so I’m certainly not putting any pressure on her to learn things like this just yet but I’m happy to encourage any current phases that she’s going through. The main letter she likes to spot is ‘E’ as this is the first letter of her name. So for this activity I searched through our junk mail to find as many upper and lower case ‘E’s as I could. I then cut a large E out of sugar paper for her to stick all her letters on.
Older children could find and cut out their own letters but my daughter hasn’t mastered how to use scissors yet.
While doing the sticking I took the opportunity to discuss other things that start with the letter E.

Texture photo album

13 Mar

I’ve been wanting to make my son some kind of texture activity for a while. I’ve seen texture boards, books and cards on Pinterest but I decided to combine mine with a family photo album. When my daughter was a baby I made her a photo album of special faces and she still loves looking through it.

For this craft I just used items I had around the house. Even the book itself was something I had bought a number of years ago but never got around to using. I selected my photos of family and friends and stuck them in. Then I chose a variety of items all with different textures to surround the photos. I used my glue gun to secure them into place. The items I used include pom poms, buttons, bubble wrap, wool, pipe cleaners, sandpaper, velcro, foam stickers, corrugated card and scouring pad. I finished it off by attaching riddons on to the rings. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out and both the monsters are enjoying looking through it.

Wheel paint races

7 Mar

We have recently purchased new shelves so had the lovely long cardboard box to play with. We’ve had fun sitting it in and being dragged through the house but I also wanted to do some crafting with it.

I got The Limpet to search through the toy box to find anything with wheels. We got a selection of five different vehicles (I didn’t want too many as I knew the clean up job afterwards would be a long one). We then propped up one end of the box on a chair to create a slope. I bravely let me 2 year old pour her own paint into a tray. This is generally her favourite thing about painting with Mummy. She then, without any explanation from me, dipped a car into the paint and rolled it down the cardboard hill.

We both really enjoyed this activity and had fun selecting a vehicle and racing them down against each other. Sometimes she seems a bit uninterested in painting and creating so it’s good to find an activity that she really enjoyed.

Cooking up Valentine flowers

1 Mar

After just over two weeks, my valentine flowers have definitely seen better days. So on this gloriously sunny March day I decided that The Limpet could use the petals for some garden ‘cooking’. She currently loves helping mix things with a large spoon so I gave her a wooden spoon, a selection of colourful bowls and some water. She helped me pull all the petals off and then started playing.
Even The Gannet got in on the action when he woke from his nap. And amazingly he didn’t eat a single petal!