Wheel paint races

7 Mar

We have recently purchased new shelves so had the lovely long cardboard box to play with. We’ve had fun sitting it in and being dragged through the house but I also wanted to do some crafting with it.

I got The Limpet to search through the toy box to find anything with wheels. We got a selection of five different vehicles (I didn’t want too many as I knew the clean up job afterwards would be a long one). We then propped up one end of the box on a chair to create a slope. I bravely let me 2 year old pour her own paint into a tray. This is generally her favourite thing about painting with Mummy. She then, without any explanation from me, dipped a car into the paint and rolled it down the cardboard hill.

We both really enjoyed this activity and had fun selecting a vehicle and racing them down against each other. Sometimes she seems a bit uninterested in painting and creating so it’s good to find an activity that she really enjoyed.


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