Easter hat

31 Mar

We went to our Church Easter party today where they were holding a competition for the best Easter hat. I had actually forgotten about this until yesterday so didn’t have much time to prepare.

Yesterday while The Limpet was napping reading books and making a mess in her room, I cut out the basic hat frame, some bits of ‘grass’ and some simple flower shapes to create daffodils. I also cut some tulip shapes out of the baking tray prints that we recently made.

I put all the pieces out ready for her on the garden table as it was such a glorious day. She started by making the daffodils which of course involved lots of yellow tissue paper and cut up egg boxes for the trumpets. When they were done she had fun putting the whole thing together with huge amounts of glue.

She was very proud of her creation and wore it ALL afternoon only taking it off at bath time. This is her posing photo face.

And the best thing of all – she won the hat competition!

I think this is the first time she’s ever entered any competitive type of event and I was so proud. I was a proud mum just to see her stood up at the front with all the other children, but especially proud that she won.


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