Jubilee hand print bunting

30 May

To get us into the celebratory mood for the jubilee weekend we have been making our own bunting.

Union Jack bunting is for sale everywhere at the moment (although the Sainsburys I went into this morning had sold out – possibly a national disaster) but I thought it would be more fun to make our own.

Now I admit that this isn’t an exact replica of our flag but it contains all the right colours and kind of has crosses in it so I think it just about counts!

I painted my daughters hand with red and then blue paint as shown and then pressed them down onto A4 white paper making two prints on each sheet.



In hindsight A3 paper might have been better (depends on the size of the hands) and cutting the triangles out beforehand would have been easier for positioning.

We created about 20 prints and then hung them to dry on the curtain rail. Don’t they look pretty?



I then cut each sheet in half and folded over the top and then trimed into a triangular shape. I then glued on to some red wool. I’d originally planned to use plain string but didn’t have any. I haven’t decided yet whether the red wool looks good!



So there’s our ‘Union Jack’ bunting all hung up and ready for our jubilee party at the weekend. Fingers crossed the sun will still be shining and we’ll be able to hang it in the garden.

One Response to “Jubilee hand print bunting”

  1. . May 31, 2012 at 8:38 pm #

    These are fab – very patriotic and very suitable for this weekend! PS I like the red wool

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