More cardboard box fun

5 Aug

We’ve had great fun playing with the London bus, so much so that it was starting to fall apart. It was also taking up rather a lot of space in the house so sadly it had to go out with the recycling. But before it went we had a bit more fun with it.

I led it down on its side and turned it into a crawling den. I enlarged the front window to make a hole for crawling through. The Limpet was a little unsure to begin with until I found a small torch for her to shine into it.



It’s amazing how long a torch can keep a child entertained for!


It was very dark in there and therefore quite difficult to take pictures.

After a while I made holes in the top and pushed through some silk scarves to add a bit more interest.

With some of the spare cardboard I also decided to try and make an easel. I used pegs to secure it together. I could have stuck it down but thought that by using pegs it means I can take it apart again very quickly to be able to store it flat.


I often moan that The Limpet is yet to find her creative side. But surprisingly she loved painting on her easel and sat there for about half an hour creating her masterpiece.


2 Responses to “More cardboard box fun”

  1. Rachel Noel September 10, 2012 at 4:20 am #

    I LOVE all your cardboard creations!

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