Learning about where we are from

10 Aug

We currently have the Olympics taking place in our own country so I thought this would be a great opportunity to introduce the monsters to some other countries and cultures.

We’ve signed up to take part in a cultural exchange which I’m very excited about and will be posting more details soon. As part of this we have to put together a variety of items from the UK. This has made me realise that the monsters probably don’t know much about where they are from and our own history. So this week we’ve been to the library to get a book about England and its traditions and we took a trip to our local museum.

I was so impressed with the museum that I purchased a season ticket so we can make regular trips there. It’s not huge as we only live in a small town but it contains so much for young children. They have lots of items to touch and explore and feely bags to stick your hands in if your brave enough.



The Limpet enjoyed trying out some old toys. And The Gannet loved dressing up in some traditional clothes. He only learned to walk last week but he had great fun walking through the whole place with his hat on. And yes – most of the time it was covering his eyes.



When we got home we put together a map of the world jigsaw puzzle that The Limpet got for her birthday.


Hopefully these early geography and history discoveries will be a good foundation for future learning.


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