Baby led posting creation

23 Aug

This creation was devised entirely by The Gannet (aged 16 months). We recently made a cardboard castle and he has spent ages posting a variety of objects through the turrets. One day he sat for about 20 minutes doing this.


So based on this, I went around the house gathering tubes of different heights and widths. I glue gunned them together and then The Limpet and I painted them while The Gannet slept.


I always think its good to involve her in making things for her brother. And she seemed to take a lot of joy in it and told him all about it the instant he woke up.

He’s posted through a variety of small toys since we gave it to him but when I first showed it to him I handed it over with our tub of pompoms.


Both monsters have enjoyed playing with this and have sat together engrossed in posting things and seeing them fall through.
Activities which are led by a child’s own interests are certainly the best, and the ones most likely to succeed.




One Response to “Baby led posting creation”

  1. Octavia and Vicky August 28, 2012 at 10:16 am #

    Posting is so much fun, great idea.

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