Eye spy matching bottle

16 Sep


I had never heard of an eye spy bottle before seeing them on pinterest. At first I wasn’t too sure about how well they would work, the majority seemed to come with a list of items that needed to be found. This obviously wouldn’t work with pre-readers.

Then I discovered this brilliant rainbow eye spy bottle on Pink and Green Mamas site. It looked so pretty and inviting that I decided to give it a go.

After finding two tiny dolls shoes I had a sudden brainwave to put two of every item into the bottle. This way there’s no need to mess about with written or visual lists. It’s a bit like a mix between eye spy and pairs.


I found about 30 pairs of tiny items such as buttons, pasta animals, beads, tiny pegs etc. And used some multicoloured dyed rice which we had previously used for sensory play. I got The Limpet to help me fill the bottle. I thought that it would be good for her to see all the items that were going into it and it also gives her a feeling of ownership over of it.


The bottle is also proving very popular with The Gannet (aged 17 months). He seems to like turning it over and over seeing what he can find but he also just loves the noise it makes when he shakes it.



One Response to “Eye spy matching bottle”

  1. bigmammafrog September 17, 2012 at 8:23 pm #

    Yes we loved making ‘I-spy’ bottles đŸ™‚ I’m glad you’ve reminded me about them – I might make some for the adults in our family, as gimicky Christmas presents. We found that small heavy items (screws etc) were the hardest to find – some of them fiendishly elusive!

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