Scarecrow festival

4 Oct

I’ve not been blogging much later due to a number of things. Firstly we went away for a week and since returning I’ve had a lot of other projects on the go (I’ll go into more details about this soon…)

But I’ve still been busy trying to keep my little monsters entertained. Last weekend we all visited a local scarecrow festival. It is an annual event and this years theme was heroes and villains.


Some people had gone to great lengths with their scarecrows and props. It’s apparently all just for fun and isn’t judged but I think the whole village is pretty competitive about it.



There were a number of Olympic themed heroes.



This garden was getting the biggest crowd for obvious reasons.

Another of my favourite ones was the child catcher complete with working cage – unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of that one.

When we returned I thought it would be good to make a scarecrow picture with The Limpet. I decided to cut up different shapes for her to build her own scarecrow.

I didn’t want to tell her how to create it, however, I did think that the large pink circle I had cut out was a very obvious face. My independent daughter had her own ideas though and this was her finished creation.



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