Autumnal lanterns

7 Nov

Now that the clocks have changed we always have our tea after the sun has set. I find this time of year a little miserable, its the thought of the cold, dark winter ahead of us. So I decided we needed a bit more light in our lives.


We created these lanterns with some balloons, PVA glue, tissue paper and wool.

I’ve seen a few similar things on pinterest and thought they look very pretty.

I blew up three balloons so they each had a small amount of air in them. We spread some Vaseline over the balloon first as I wasn’t sure how well the lantern would separate from the balloon at the end. We then covered the balloons in a watered down PVA glue mixture and covered with small squares of tissue paper. I deliberately picked autumnal colours. We kept adding more glue and more tissue paper and then decided to add some wool which we covered with a final layer of tissue paper then hung up to dry.


Both children got involved in this activity although I did have to finish the lanterns off when they got bored.

When dry, I cut the top off the balloon and cut a neat circle around the top. The deflated balloon then pulled away easily from the lantern. The lanterns did initially scrunch up a bit as the balloon shriveled but I gently pushed them back into shape.


I put a battery operated tea light in each one as I felt it was safer then a naked flame. They made a great table decoration at our firework party and we now frequently have our tea with the lights off and lanterns lit.



2 Responses to “Autumnal lanterns”

  1. Georgia December 8, 2012 at 8:39 pm #

    How many layers and Did your tissue paper run? I’ve got ink everywhere as mine ran when wet! Can’t get it off my fingers!

    • entertainingmonsters December 9, 2012 at 9:12 pm #

      Mine didn’t run at all. I think we only did 2 or 3 layers on most of it, they were getting bored after that!

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