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Baby led posting creation

23 Aug

This creation was devised entirely by The Gannet (aged 16 months). We recently made a cardboard castle and he has spent ages posting a variety of objects through the turrets. One day he sat for about 20 minutes doing this.


So based on this, I went around the house gathering tubes of different heights and widths. I glue gunned them together and then The Limpet and I painted them while The Gannet slept.


I always think its good to involve her in making things for her brother. And she seemed to take a lot of joy in it and told him all about it the instant he woke up.

He’s posted through a variety of small toys since we gave it to him but when I first showed it to him I handed it over with our tub of pompoms.


Both monsters have enjoyed playing with this and have sat together engrossed in posting things and seeing them fall through.
Activities which are led by a child’s own interests are certainly the best, and the ones most likely to succeed.




Dear Zoo story role play

13 Jun

At 14 months my son’s favourite activity is putting stuff into things and taking it out again. I was reading him his favourite story this morning Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell and I realised how much he would love reenacting it.

Whilst he was taking a nap I got The Limpet to help me find a variety of boxes, bags and baskets to hide our animals in. I raided the toy box and fortunately found all the animals we needed. We set it all up in the lounge and when he woke up he got straight to work exploring the contents and working out how to get each animal out.





It turned out to be a great activity for both children and it was lovely to see how well they interacted with each other while playing.

I started to read the story while they opened the appropriate box but The Limpet quickly took over as she knows it off by heart.




I’m thinking of doing a few more activities based on this book such as writing letters, making animal masks, animal role play and maybe even a visit to the zoo.

Bottle top posting

30 Apr

My son’s current love is putting items inside things and taking them out again. Last week he decided to throw something down the toilet for the first time. Unfortunately that thing was my husbands mobile phone!

To encourage his new hobby (and save any more toilet dramas) I decided to make him his own posting box. I’ve been saving milk bottle tops for a while and thought they would be idea to post through small gaps. Small enough to develop fine motor skills but not so small as to be a choking risk.

I used a smallish box and cut a number of slits into it on both sides, some vertical and some horizontal. This took me about two minutes maximum.

The Gannet started posting his bottle tops without any instructions. When he managed to get the first one through he peered into the hole wondering where it had gone. I left the top of the box open so that he could easily find all the bottle tops again and empty them out.




As usual, The Limpet also had to join in with the fun. She found the activity very easy until she got to the hole which I had accidentally cut smaller than the bottle top!


Texture photo album

13 Mar

I’ve been wanting to make my son some kind of texture activity for a while. I’ve seen texture boards, books and cards on Pinterest but I decided to combine mine with a family photo album. When my daughter was a baby I made her a photo album of special faces and she still loves looking through it.

For this craft I just used items I had around the house. Even the book itself was something I had bought a number of years ago but never got around to using. I selected my photos of family and friends and stuck them in. Then I chose a variety of items all with different textures to surround the photos. I used my glue gun to secure them into place. The items I used include pom poms, buttons, bubble wrap, wool, pipe cleaners, sandpaper, velcro, foam stickers, corrugated card and scouring pad. I finished it off by attaching riddons on to the rings. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out and both the monsters are enjoying looking through it.

Toys and un-toys

22 Feb

My children, like most others, have lots of toys. Some of these have been quite expensive and a few are rarely played with. Despite having all this (mainly plastic) junk, my 10 months favourite things to play with are the TV remote, my keys and a sock.

I think most parents could probably say the same thing.

So a few months ago I created a treasure basket for him. It contains random items found around the house such as a large pebble, deflated helium balloon, ribbon, dryer balls, scrubbing brush and his favorite thing – a wooden spoon.

I have seen more creative people put together themed baskets like all wooden items or bathroom items but I was struggling to fill it as it was. I do swap things over every now and then to keep him interested.

These photos show him sat in the middle of his 2 baskets. One has normal baby toys and the other is his treasure basket full of un-toys. You can see which he prefers!

Baby canvas painting

27 Jan

I did this activity a while back with my son but wanted to post about it as it was so easy and resulted in an amazing artwork.
I started with a plain canvas and some letter stickers. I worked out what I wanted to be written on the canvas and stuck on the appropriate stickers. I actually stuck them all on by starting at the end as I wanted the words to be positioned in the bottom right.

I then let my baby loose with the paint. I put his hands in some paint and he just rubbed them all over the canvas himself. I did have beside me all that I thought I would need, bowl of water, cloths, towel, wet wipes etc. He’s a boy that attempts to eat everything so I was expecting the worst but surprisingly he didn’t put his hands to his mouth once. The only reason he has paint round his eye on the picture is because he wasn’t great at sitting unaided at the time, and when I took my hands off him to take a photo he fell head first into the paint tray!