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1st birthday

8 Apr

My adorable gorgeous smiley boy turned one today. I can’t quite believe how quickly this year has flown by.

As his birthday fell on Easter day we decided to throw a party and an Easter egg hunt for all the kids. We had a tea and cake party and sticking with the Easter theme we included chocolate nests and simnel cake. As it was a childrens party we also had jelly and icecream. It was The Gannet’s first taste of jelly and icecream as he wasn’t too sure at first but true to his nickname he ended up finishing the lot.


Our party decorations included my new ‘Happy birthday’ banner and a timeline of photos of my son throughout his first year.





The dinosaur birthday cake was inspired by one I saw on pinterest. Unfortunately it was a bad link and didn’t go to the original source so I can’t give credit. It was quite tricky as it was cooked in a pudding bowl to create the shape but I was pleased with how it turned out.


This is a picture of the birthday boy enjoying a slice of cake. You can just see his birthday t-shirt that I made for him. I bought a plain t-shirt (which it turns out is difficult to find, I got one from m&s in the end) and cut out a large number one to sew on to the front. I used one of his old babygrows for the material.

We all had a lovely day but I think it meant more to me than anyone else. I certainly had fun celebrating my son’s first year and reminiscing about his birth.


Messy play

5 Apr

I haven’t written much lately about what we’ve been up to and since a lot of it has been making a mess of one kind or another, I thought I put it all in one post.

The first adventure we got up to was playing with ‘gloop’. This is just cornflour mixed with water and creates a bizarre and wonderful sensory experience. We had three bowls on the go and added a little bit of food colouring to make each one different. We both had such fun playing with it that I decided to keep it for the next day. It was actually a few days later that we went back to it, by which time it had completely dried out and was solid in the bowl. But strangely enough my daughter almost had more fun with it like this. She loved chipping away at it and crumbling it up.


We also tried muffin tin printing which I have seen on pinterest. Initially this didn’t seem to be going well as the paint didn’t go on very well to my non stick pan. But my daughter (who obviously didn’t know or care about how it was ‘meant to turn out) had great fun swirling the paint round with a cottonbud. The finished prints were also rather good.

Our next very messy activity was spray and splatter painting to create an Easter egg garland. Due to the lovely sunny weather last week we were able to do this outside. This was a good job due to the mess we made. I put very watered down paint into an old spray bottle and showed The Limpet how to use it. It took her a few goes but she eventually mastered it. We also used toothbrushes to splatter more colours on.


When we had finished we left them out in the sunshine to dry. I then sewed through them and they are now strung up in the dining room ready for our big Easter birthday party for The Gannett.

Easter hat

31 Mar

We went to our Church Easter party today where they were holding a competition for the best Easter hat. I had actually forgotten about this until yesterday so didn’t have much time to prepare.

Yesterday while The Limpet was napping reading books and making a mess in her room, I cut out the basic hat frame, some bits of ‘grass’ and some simple flower shapes to create daffodils. I also cut some tulip shapes out of the baking tray prints that we recently made.

I put all the pieces out ready for her on the garden table as it was such a glorious day. She started by making the daffodils which of course involved lots of yellow tissue paper and cut up egg boxes for the trumpets. When they were done she had fun putting the whole thing together with huge amounts of glue.

She was very proud of her creation and wore it ALL afternoon only taking it off at bath time. This is her posing photo face.

And the best thing of all – she won the hat competition!

I think this is the first time she’s ever entered any competitive type of event and I was so proud. I was a proud mum just to see her stood up at the front with all the other children, but especially proud that she won.