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Five little speckled frogs

23 Feb

My collection of toilet and kitchen rolls is quickly taking over the whole house but they have so much potential so I hate to throw them out. This activity managed to get through six of them in one go.

The Limpet is only 2 1/2 and therefore still struggles with counting so I thought it would be good to combine a craft activity with a maths lesson. ‘Five little speckled frogs’ is one of our favourite songs so this seemed ideal.

I played around with a few frog prototypes but these seemed the most simple yet recognisable! The top of each toilet roll was squashed together and folded over. I cut the top of the head and eyes from another toilet roll and stuck it on the back. My daughter and I then painted them green all over. Her attention span wasn’t long enough for all five so I helped out.

When they were dry we added googley eyes, a red tongue and of course speckles. These were applied with finger paint and I was keen to take part in this bit too. But as you can see from the pictures, my daughter did a much better job then I did.