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21 Feb

I adore miniature things and I love gardening, so what could be better than a mini garden?! I actually made one of these a few years ago and called it my moss garden as I didn’t know they had a proper name. But I’ve recently pinned quite a few (check out my garden boards on pinterest) so thought I’d have another go. The last one survived a few months then went a bit brown and looked very sorry for itself.

The jar I used isn’t ideal as you can’t actually see through it very clearly but it had been unused in the cupboard for a long time and it was all I had. I added some small stones at the bottom but I think I should have also added sand for extra drainage.

I then went exploring in the garden. Most of the finds are bits of moss from the top of plant pots and some from the top of the greenhouse. I managed to find the tiny tree like fern growing amongst the moss.

The gnome that now lives in it was a kinder toy that I got many many years ago and have saved. Standing up he’s a gnome and led down he’s a crocodile – brilliant!