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Gruffalo paper bag craft

6 Feb

My daughter is currently Gruffalo mad so I had planned this activity in my head for a while. A few days ago she had run out of things to do and was saying “No” to everything I suggested. I then asked if she would like to make a Gruffalo and she very quickly said “Yes!”. Unfortunately I hadn’t actually got anything ready so I was frantically cutting and preparing as we went along.

I didn’t manage to get pictures of the making of him but it was very easy. I had originally planned to put eye holes in to turn him into a mask but didn’t have time and to be honest I don’t think she would have worn it anyway, although she has stuck it on her little brother a few times!

The main features to include are of course his terrible teeth, orange eyes, black tongue and a poisonous wart at the end of his nose.