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The joy of playdough

23 Apr

I’ve read a number of blog post about how great playdough is and how children play with it endlessly. Up until recently I had not been at all convinced and neither had The Limpet.
I have always got the playdough out and then given her the usual tools – plastic knife, plastic scissors, plastic cookie cutters etc. She would play for a while, particularly if I also sat and made things with her, but she has never seemed that enthralled by it. That was until I gave her some natural items to use with the playdough. With the help of some pebbles, shells, sticks and pine cones she was entertained for ages.


This brightly coloured shop bought playdough was a gift. Before we were given this I had started making my own and intend to do so again. The homemade version feels so much better.

I’ve also been reading a lot lately about the benefits of ‘loose parts’ in children’s play. This was a great example to me and I’m slowly beginning to realise that children play best when they are given materials (generally natural ones) that allow for open ended play.