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Nature treasure shelf

24 Aug

We have a new addition to our nature table.


This box originally contained a gorgeous little wooden cake set that The Limpet got for her birthday. When I looked inside the box I realised that it would be a perfect storage container for found treasures.


It also has the added bonus of being able to be pushed back against the wall and out of the reach of The Gannet who still likes to eat everything he finds.


Summer nature table

14 Jul

I think it has officially been summer for a little while now but unfortunately our English climate seems unaware of this fact.

We had really enjoyed our spring nature table so were keen to update it for the new season. I painted a new watercolor picture to represent a summer time tree. The shells are from our local beach. Ok, I have to admit, they were bought and not collected at the beach. We don’t live anywhere exotic enough for these types of shells. Hopefully during the summer we will get to add some collected treasures from our days out.



The little bunches of flowers are all collected from our garden. It’s good to know that even though the sun is rarely shining, the garden is still producing beautiful flowers and delicious soft fruit.


Our 1st nature table

27 Apr

I’ve been reading quite a bit lately about Waldorf ideas and one of the many things I love about it is the nature table. So here is my first ever nature table celebrating the arrival of spring.


It doesn’t have much on it yet but I hope we can continually add to it as we find more treasures when out exploring.

I painting the spring tree picture myself yesterday. It’s been ages since I have done any painting but I quite enjoyed it.


The blossom is from our own apple tree. The other flowers were also collected in our garden.

The twig came from our recent walk in the woods and is decorated with scrapbook paper in spring like colours. I got this great idea from this link on Pinterest (have I mentioned just how much I love that site?!)


While I was painting my picture I thought I’d let The Limpet have a go at watercolour painting too. I mixed some paint in with small amounts of water. She enjoyed using this for a while but then decided that my small paint set looked like much more fun. Her picture actually turned out really well and she sat doing it for an extraordinary length of time.


To go along with our nature table we have got a wonderful Shirley Hughes book out of the library called Out and About. It is a collection of poems and beautiful pictures celebrating the changes in each season. Shirley Hughes is my favorite children’s author, I love all her work and have done since I was a child.