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Christmas pudding garland

9 Dec

This cute little garland was made to add a bit of festive fun to The Limpet’s room.


It is made with one of my favourite and most used craft item – paper plates. I got The Limpet to paint five plates blown and then add black finger painted spots.



It took a while to dry so in the meantime I cut out 5 white icing shapes from some fabric and 10 holly leaves. Everything else about this craft was done by my 3 year old.

When they were dry I punched holes in the top of each and threaded through a gold gift ribbon. Then The Limpet got to work sticking it all together. We used red pompoms for the holly berries and stuck them down with a blob of fabric glue.


They certainly brighter up her room.



Rainbow sunshine toddler craft

29 Oct

My regular readers may have noticed my recent absence. Well, I haven’t actually been anywhere, I’ve just been busy with other things. One of the things that has been keeping me busy is my new role in charge of creative activities at our church toddler group.

I’m really enjoying the responsibility but organising activities for children aged between 0 and 4 is quite a challenge.

One of the first topics we did was the story of Noah’s Ark. For this activity we did a sunshine and rainbow. I tried it out initially with my own 1 and 3 year old and it went quite well although I had to help the 1 year old quite a lot.



The idea came from this post which I found via pinterest.

Here are a few of the ones made at toddlers.


Cardboard castle

12 Aug

This week we’ve been discovering all about ourselves, our country and its history. As part of this we created a castle from a cardboard box, some kitchen paper rolls and toilet paper rolls.


Here in Britain we have many great castles and when we went on holiday last month we were lucky enough to visit a couple of Welsh castles which the monsters loved exploring. This was their first experience of castles so I thought it would be an ideal time to do a castle craft.

We began by googling castle images to look at their main features. We then found the cardboard items that we needed and I decided to use my glue gun to attach it all together as I knew this would make it more durable.


The Limpet and I then got to work painting it all over. You can see on the next picture, a secret door we created at the back which I thought would make it more fun for playing with.


This was a fun activity to do and has the added bonus of now being able to be played with.


Messy play

5 Apr

I haven’t written much lately about what we’ve been up to and since a lot of it has been making a mess of one kind or another, I thought I put it all in one post.

The first adventure we got up to was playing with ‘gloop’. This is just cornflour mixed with water and creates a bizarre and wonderful sensory experience. We had three bowls on the go and added a little bit of food colouring to make each one different. We both had such fun playing with it that I decided to keep it for the next day. It was actually a few days later that we went back to it, by which time it had completely dried out and was solid in the bowl. But strangely enough my daughter almost had more fun with it like this. She loved chipping away at it and crumbling it up.


We also tried muffin tin printing which I have seen on pinterest. Initially this didn’t seem to be going well as the paint didn’t go on very well to my non stick pan. But my daughter (who obviously didn’t know or care about how it was ‘meant to turn out) had great fun swirling the paint round with a cottonbud. The finished prints were also rather good.

Our next very messy activity was spray and splatter painting to create an Easter egg garland. Due to the lovely sunny weather last week we were able to do this outside. This was a good job due to the mess we made. I put very watered down paint into an old spray bottle and showed The Limpet how to use it. It took her a few goes but she eventually mastered it. We also used toothbrushes to splatter more colours on.


When we had finished we left them out in the sunshine to dry. I then sewed through them and they are now strung up in the dining room ready for our big Easter birthday party for The Gannett.

Wheel paint races

7 Mar

We have recently purchased new shelves so had the lovely long cardboard box to play with. We’ve had fun sitting it in and being dragged through the house but I also wanted to do some crafting with it.

I got The Limpet to search through the toy box to find anything with wheels. We got a selection of five different vehicles (I didn’t want too many as I knew the clean up job afterwards would be a long one). We then propped up one end of the box on a chair to create a slope. I bravely let me 2 year old pour her own paint into a tray. This is generally her favourite thing about painting with Mummy. She then, without any explanation from me, dipped a car into the paint and rolled it down the cardboard hill.

We both really enjoyed this activity and had fun selecting a vehicle and racing them down against each other. Sometimes she seems a bit uninterested in painting and creating so it’s good to find an activity that she really enjoyed.

Five little speckled frogs

23 Feb

My collection of toilet and kitchen rolls is quickly taking over the whole house but they have so much potential so I hate to throw them out. This activity managed to get through six of them in one go.

The Limpet is only 2 1/2 and therefore still struggles with counting so I thought it would be good to combine a craft activity with a maths lesson. ‘Five little speckled frogs’ is one of our favourite songs so this seemed ideal.

I played around with a few frog prototypes but these seemed the most simple yet recognisable! The top of each toilet roll was squashed together and folded over. I cut the top of the head and eyes from another toilet roll and stuck it on the back. My daughter and I then painted them green all over. Her attention span wasn’t long enough for all five so I helped out.

When they were dry we added googley eyes, a red tongue and of course speckles. These were applied with finger paint and I was keen to take part in this bit too. But as you can see from the pictures, my daughter did a much better job then I did.