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Beach play scene

13 Jun

I often think my children aren’t that good at playing but when I look in their toy box I can see why. It’s a complete jumble of mixed up toys which all look very uninviting. I’ve realised that at their young age they often need a prompt or some kind of encouragement.

When I worked in nurseries we would always set out the toys before the children arrived and make the activities look as inviting as possible. This is now something I intend to do at home a lot more.

I set up our first play scene today based on one of our favourite places – the beach.


I put large and small pebbles and shells at one end and a pile of sand with a ‘bucket and spade’. I filled a tray with water for the sea and added some blue glass pebbles. I included some small figures to play on the beach. Unfortunately we don’t have many little people but Mr Tumble seemed to enjoy his trip to the seaside!


Both the monsters enjoyed playing with this especially once The Limpet decided to mix the sea in with the sand.



I will definitely be setting up more imaginative play scenes for them to explore in the future.