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Fun reward chart

21 Mar

I saw this brilliant idea for a reward chart on the inspiring Red Ted Art website. She used rabbits in houses but I decided to go with a train. The idea is that the train engine and carriages need to be filled with stars and they are awarded for doing something good. When all the train is full a small treat is given.

I liked the simplicity of this idea and think that just 5 stars is all a young child needs to work towards. If they are expected to work towards something for a month or even a week then they will quickly loose interest.

I decided to make mine from felt but I have to admit I got a little bored towards the end so the stars where quickly constructed from scraps of paper. I had originally had grand ideas about making animals to sit in the train but I think the stars are ok. My daughter helped to sponge paint the background which I think helped to give her some ownership over this. The stars are hiden behind the large cloud and can then be placed one at a time in the pockets of the train.